Juicing 101: Juicing Tips for Beginners

Juicing is a simple and straight-forward way of consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables in an efficient, enjoyable way. As easy as it is to do, a few tips and guides never hurt anyone.

Here are some articles to read through while waiting for your juicer to arrive!

Why Juice?

You’ve heard the rave reviews about juicing and you want to know what all the hullabaloo is about. Is it fact or fiction?

Well, there’s a little bit of both. We love juicing. But we know that it is not a panacea. Learn more about the benefits of juicing and how to use juicing for health, not harm.

You can also read about my personal juicing journey here.

Which Fruits & Vegetables Can I Juice?

The short answer is: “Pretty much alllll of them! The more, the merrier!”

The more nuanced, more accurate answer is: “You can juice most produce, but some fruits and vegetables are unjuiceable.”

Even among the fruits and vegetables that can be juiced, it’s helpful to know which parts of a fruit or vegetable can be juiced. You’ll be surprised to find that you can juice a lot of parts that you typically can’t eat – another huge benefit of juicing!

Oh, you might also want to know about which fruits and veggies have edible, juiceable peels and which don’t!

What’s the Difference Between Juicing & Blending?

Some juicers are blenders too and it makes a lot of sense since blending lets you fill in the (nutritional) gaps that juicing leaves out and vice versa.

Learn about the difference between juicing and blending here and how they complement each other!

What is the Best Juicer to Buy?

Speaking of juicers – and blenders – it’s important that you choose the best juicer for your needs. Before rushing off to buy a juicer, take a moment and read through the different types of juicers and how they measure up.

Although there are juicers that are widely considered to be top-of-the-line, the best juicer for you is simply the juicer that best suits your juicing needs. Find out the 5 questions you should know the answers to before buying a juicer!

It’s pretty much the same deal with blenders – go with the blender that’s best for you.

What Fruits & Veggies are the BEST to Juice?

It’s hard to say which fruits and vegetables are the BEST. We can only repeat 3 good rules of thumb to follow when juicing:

1. Organic > Non-Organic: Organic fruits and vegetables better. Duh, you say – but they’re expensive. We know, and you don’t have to buy all organic BUT here is a list of fruits and vegetables that you should buy organic.

2. Vegetables > Fruits: Fruits juices are yummy, but vegetable juices are healthier than fruit juices. We recommend juicing mostly veggies and adding a little fruit for taste.

2. Diversity > Routine: One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it allows you to consume a variety of fresh produce. Take advantage of it to supply your body with nutrients from foods you normally wouldn’t eat instead of sticking to the usual suspects all the time!

That being said, there are some foods that are a MUST in juicing.

Oh, and here’s a fun section to check out if you’re curious about the health benefits of specific fruits, veggies and herbs!

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

This is an excellent – and important – question. Fresh juice is best-est when consumed fresh – and that means within 20 minutes of juicing. Busy schedules, however, often demand juice storage.

Although juice is best fresh, you can store fresh juice – and keep a lot of their nutritional benefits intact for up to 2 days. Read more about how to properly store fresh juice!